Your Easy Guide for Buying Loose Diamonds like A Pro!

Regardless of whether you want to buy diamonds for investment purchases or to make custom jewelry, it is more than imperative to do some initial homework. Unlike gold and precious metals that usually have a standard price in the global markets, diamonds are hard to evaluate, and new buyers often make the mistake of paying a higher price for what’s a low-priced diamond. In this comprehensive guide, we bring a few tips that will come in handy for buying loose diamonds.

Start with the 4 Cs

Diamonds are valued based on the 4 Cs – cut, color, carat and clarity. Here’s a quick take on all the four aspects.

  1. Color refers to the appearance of the stone, and this is measured on a scale of D to Z. Diamonds that are colorless are marked D, while the ones that have a yellow tinge end up on the lower end of the scale. The color is important, because that determines how the diamond reflects light.

  1. Clarity. Being a natural stone, diamonds can have imperfections, inclusions and blemishes, and the less these inclusions are, the higher is the price of the stone. Clarity is something you cannot check with naked eye.
  2. Contrary to what many of us believe, carat doesn’t refer to the size of the diamond, but its weight. One carat equals to 0.2 grams, which should give a fair idea of the weight of the stone.
  3. The fourth C is the cut, which determines how light reflects through the diamond, and it also determines the shape of the stone.

Now, you can choose to forego one of the Cs for the rest, depending on what’s more important to you. For example, someone may want a bigger diamond, but probably doesn’t care for the color.

Select the right store

How diamonds are priced is dependent on the seller, so you need a wholesale diamond merchant you can rely on. There are a bunch of choices out there, but make sure that you have selected a reputed merchant, who is willing to share details on loose diamonds. Some of these diamond sellers may even customize jewelry for you on request.

Not to forget, check if the diamond is certified by one of the known labs. A loose diamond that comes with a certificate is worth the price charge, usually when you are buying from a known merchant.