The Reasons why Gold is Popular for Jewelry

Gold is widely popular for jewelry not only because it is an expensive metal, but this shiny metal rarely reacts with skin also. The other reason is that being a soft metal, it can be given required shapes.

24 karat is the term used for 100% pure gold, but it cannot be used directly in jewelry. It has to be turned into an alloy using silver or copper to make jewelry.

When you buy gold as jewelry, you may get 22 karat, 18 karat or 14 karat gold jewelry and if the karat goes down than 14 karat, it does not have resale value.

Here are some of the main reasons to buy gold jewelry:

  • Easy to Craft: One can understand that the mesmerizing sheen, ductility, and malleability of gold would have encouraged mankind to sculpt it into jewelry.

After beaten into any thinness and length, you can make gold jewelry using only few grams of it. That is the reason that no other metal has yet beaten it especially for making jewelry and probably it never can be replaced in future as well.

  • Unreactive to any Kind of Weather: The other reason to buy gold jewelry is that its sheen does not fade away with time in any kind of weather.

The other metals like silver, copper, or aluminum, tarnish their sheen with time but gold remains unaffected and its brightness and color are intact for years. It need not be plated but people use it to plate other metals so that their jewelry looks like gold.

  • Status Symbol: People buy gold jewelry to show their status as well. Especially in Asian countries like China and India, gold is a symbol of wealth and social standing.

Its scarcity also makes people feel important in the social circuits. Although diamonds and other white metals are also being used to make jewelry to show your eminence, nothing can beat gold.

  • As an Investment: You can buy gold jewelry as an investment also. It is the easiest way of investing due to its easy purchase and selling point. The ever increasing value does not let you down in your need of hour.
  • Makes Great Gift: You can buy gold to gift it some body. Since gold can be bought even in its smallest unit, it becomes an ideal gift for your friends and relatives.

Nothing can beat gold jewelry due to its multi-facet nature.