Silver Jewelry: The Trending Style Of Jewelry This Season!

Precious metals have been always on the trends when crafting jewelry. With the right use of stones, diamonds and pearls, a piece of jewelry creates the most revering impression. But if you are someone who understand the value of subtle beauty you cannot ignore the headlines that silver jewelry is making.

Silver jewelry has become a go-to-accessory for the fashionable ones. With the simple craft and unique style – Silver by mail continue to inspire! Here are some hot picks you can make to add silver to your personality!

Minimalistic designs for the quirk lovers

Inspired by the art forms of different countries the silver jewelry is crafted in specific style in minimalistic designs to suit personality. These are like miniatures of characters, cartoons and everyday items which are made in silver in the form of jewelry and coated with rhodium to cast that shine. Explore the collection of quirky unicorn earrings, elephant pendants etc in silver to bring that quirky collection to your jewelry box!

Silver bands for the rings

Gone are the days when a heavy ring with loaded diamonds on them would be the only style statement. Today even a shining piece of silver ring speaks a lot about a person’s personality. The new emerging designs include triple silver rings and designer ones that come in combination with other precious metals. These maintain the subtleness of silvr alive while bringing some colours on the piece.

Silver pendants are a big hit!

Silver pendants have been making quite a statement ever since the simplistic designs like the bay leafs, tree, lotus and rose flower designs came to life. These are very simple designs that when paired with silver chains look perfect for a day wear. These suit the style of people who like to accessorize for their offices and even the ones who like to own little treasures for occasional coffee meets and dinners.

Silver chains

The most priced possession for anyone is to have a jewelry that holds love and bonding together. With silver it is easy to design something customized and bring its uniqueness. The silver chains can be designed and marked with love names and symbols to gift it to your loved ones. They can be extremely beautiful and stylish at the same time!

Silver has become one of the most popular metals of the fashion era today. Any item of jewelry made in silver is sure to get attention from the paparazzi.